Fun Facts & stats


Sampson County Schools is the second largest employer in Sampson County.


The total dollar amount of scholarships awarded to the Class of 2023.

1:1 Classroom Technology

Every student in K through 13th grade has a school-issued digital device to integrate into their classroom experience. SCS Technology Department manages approximately 14,725 networked devices.


There are 8,000+ students in Sampson County Schools and approximately 1,000 dedicated teachers and staff members.

Advanced Learning

There are 32 Honors and AP courses available in our schools.

Travel by School Bus

SCS Transportation Department maintains a fleet of 120 buses, coordinates 248 daily bus runs, 8362 miles, and transportation services for approximately 4218 students (combined AM/PM).

Culturally Diverse

In addition to English, there are 7 different spoken languages (German, Cebuano, Japanese, Filipino, Jari, Spanish, and Romanian) among our students and families in Sampson County Schools.

Career Exploration

Students can choose from 9 different Career and Technical Education program areas to help determine what they are passionate about and want to do - and not do - after high school.