Community Service Points

There are many ways that Beta Club members can obtain community service points.   The school collects several recycle items as well as box tops and labels.  The members receive points for turning in these items.

  • Can Tabs
  • Box Tops for Education
  • Coke Caps and Coke Codes
  • Campbell's Soup Labels
  • Tyson Project A+ Labels
  • #1 Plastic Bottles
  • Aluminum Cans

The student must follow the guidelines (Service Points Guidelines ) and fill out the Beta Club Service Points form which can be found on Ms. McCullen's office door.     

Members are also encouraged to complete community service on their own.  They can volunteer at church, non-profit organizations, or helping out a neighbor in need.  They must have a letter from the organization or individual they assisted. that includes the members name, date of service, what service they performed and how long they performed it.  The letter must be signed by the receiver of the service or someone in charge.  The member can use the Service Log in lieu of a letter.  The Service Log is available on Ms. McCullen's office door.

Members receive points for their community service.  These points allow them to participate in the Year End Beta Club Celebration.  A member must have a minimum of 20 points to attend the event.