• Business, Finance and Marketing Education plays a major role in preparing a competent, business-literate, and skilled workforce. This program area is designed to integrate business and information technology skills into the high school curriculum.

    Therefore, a Business, Finance and Marketing course should be part of the curriculum for every student. BFM Education has relevance and helps young adults manage their own financial affairs and make intelligent consumer and business-related choices.

    See an advisor to join FBLA today.  Opportunities to develop and apply leadership, social, civic, and business-related skills are provided through Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).

    BFM Courses Offered: 

    • Principles of Business & Finance
    • Business Management I 
    • Business Management II 
    • Entrepreneurship I
    • Entrepreneurship II



Meet the Teachers!


    Fayetteville State University- Bachelor of Science- Business Education & Economics 

    Sampson Community College- Associates Degree- Office Administration & Technology 

    FBLA Advisor