Media Center Renovation

  • It's National School Library Month, and we're celebrating with a media center renovation!
    Our media center has not seen any physical renovations in almost twenty years, and we are committed to making it a space that offers support for a plethora of student activities. We recently received a grant for $10,000 to use for renovation, and that will provide a great start, but we need your help to accomplish our goal of a complete renovation.
    Our vision includes new paint and carpet, shorter bookcases that are more accessible to students, new tables with whiteboard tops, and tables with casters on the legs for easy reconfiguration. We would also like to offer different seating options, including café-style tables, stools and reading areas with comfortable chairs.
    We recently met with a group of Student Government representatives to ask for their ideas on the renovation. Check out our vision design board below to see some of the items they would like to see in the media center.
    If you can help us meet our goal of a complete renovation, please contact our Media Specialist, Carla Sutton, at or click on the link below:
    We also have wish lists on the Donors Choose website.
    Thank you for your support!
Media Center 2022
Our Vision