Hobbton High School began its journey in education in the school year of 1956. The twenty-three acres of land was purchased from Col. Graham Kerr Hobbs at a cost of $10,000. The principal for the new school was Howard H. Simpson. He served as principal for sixteen years. Mr. Michael Warren now serves at the helm of Hobbton High.  

    Hobbton High has a strong history in athletics. The school has earned several State Championships including: the 1960 Boys Basketball championship, the 1984 Boys Basketball championship and the 1993 Football championship. During the 2018-29 school year, three coaches were honored with the naming of our athletic facilities. These coaches devoted much time and energy in their years serving Hobbton High's athletic programs. Our football field was named for Coach Al Britt, the gym was named for Coach Kenny Bass and the baseball field was named for Coach Jimmy Byrd. 

    Hobbton High has a tradition of strong academic programs while preparing students for success in college, the world of work, and life. Many graduates of Hobbton High have become successful in the fields of medicine, law, business, education, agriculture, military and other various trades. A new addition to the school was completed in 2009 to expand the cafeteria and add administrative space. With the new addition, the front of the school retained the original arches which were worked into the new design. The Hobbton High School of today is a blend of old traditions with the technological advancements to meet the challenges and needs of students in the twenty-first century.


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