• Beginning in March 2021, Superintendent Dr. Goodin and central office directors spent time analyzing instructional practices - to include student data, leadership capacity, professional capacity, operational effectiveness, and community engagement. The purpose was to establish school and district improvement goals, ensuring they directly or indirectly benefit Sampson County Schools’ students. 

    As a result, a framework for continuous improvement was developed with a clear, targeted sense of purpose that empowers staff toward a common vision of high expectations, student opportunities, and professional culture.

    As you view the Prezi presentation, look for the five focus areas and how you can help support the district’s improvement goals. Each of you plays an important role in a successful learning environment for all students of Sampson County Schools. 

    Five focus areas:

    1. instructional excellence and alignment;

    2. leadership capacity;

    3. professional capacity;

    4. planning and operational effectiveness; and, 

    5. families and communities.