• NC Public School Accountability Division

    DIVISION MISSION :: The mission of the Accountability Services Division is to promote the academic achievement of all North Carolina public school students and to assist stakeholders in understanding and gauging this achievement against state and national standards. The major thrust of this mission is three-fold: the design and development of reliable and valid assessment instruments, the uniform implementation of and access to suitable assessment instruments for all students; and the provision of accurate and statistically appropriate reports.


    Why do we take assessments?
    CLICK HERE for the Family Guide to Assessment which discusses why assessments are important, provides an overview of the different assessments that students take, and reviews questions families can ask teachers about assessments. 







  • Susan Warren

    Director of Accountability and Student Services



    Email:  susanw@sampson.k12.nc.us
    Phone:  910-592-1401 ext. 20151

    Degrees and Certifications:
    Master of School Administration
    East Carolina University 
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    Bachelor of Science in
    Mathematics Edu.(6-9)
    North Carolina State University