Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Tammy Honeycutt

I am the Clement Elementary School Counselor. I have been the counselor here since 2000. 


Educational Bio:

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology  -   Clemson University

Master of Education in Counseling and Guidance Services   -   Clemson University 



  • So proud to be a part of the Clement Elementary team!! Our faculty and staff work together daily to ensure each student succeeds to the very best of their ability!


    6 Ways to Encourage Student Success


    1. Be a good role model. Students learn as much from how you act as they do from what you say.

    2. Treat children with RESPECT, and they will take your words and example to heart.

    3. Celebrate every child's success and sincere efforts. Be generous with your words of praise.

    4. Have patience. Accept that children make mistakes, are inconsistent, and act thoughtlessly - this is part of being a child.

    5. Share your enthusiasm for the value of education and the fun of learning.

    6. Set high but realistic expectations for students' work and behavior.