• Dear Parents and Stakeholders:

    On behalf of Sampson County Schools, I encourage you to review our county's 2021-2022 North Carolina School Report Card. The report card provides valuable information about our schools and how we compare to other school systems across the state. The report card includes each school's average daily membership, class size, digital learning devices, Career and Technical Education information, discipline data, educator qualifications, and principal demographics.

    While school safety has always been at the forefront of issues confronting school leaders, there has never been a time when protecting our students' and employees' social and emotional needs has taken center stage. The challenge has been real: to ensure the safety of our students and staff while providing a quality education.

    Here in Sampson County, school leaders have made heroic efforts to ensure our students receive the education they need. Despite these efforts, the challenges have been genuine, and our staff has begun
    to make up for lost ground. Sampson County Schools are above the state average in academic proficiency; 71% of our schools met or exceeded growth; we have gained in our average composite improvements for each grade level. We have 67% of our schools that received a performance letter grade of A, B, or C, which is above the state average of 52.2% and the regional average of 46.7%.

    We will continue to improve with the support of our community, parents, and staff because "Together, we will move forward in our efforts to provide the highest quality education possible for Sampson County

    We appreciate your continued support of the Sampson County School system and look forward to serving your child's educational needs.

    Dr. David R. Goodin