• ink pen marking a check box on a survey

    Throughout the year, Sampson County Schools administers a variety of parent/family surveys and questionnaires. The primary goal is to collect and understand parents' opinions, perspectives, attitudes, and perceptions towards the school, our students, and education in general, in order to improve the learning environment in general or specific ways. 


    This feedback not only helps parents contribute positively to their child’s learning experience, but it also can be an indicator of a school’s overall success. By sharing their opinions, parents provide useful insights that may otherwise go unnoticed.


    Depending on the type and goals of the questionnaire and/or survey, and the specific factors that it focuses on, it may include questions and measures covering a variety of different topics, such as:

    • School Engagement: "My child goes to school prepared to put forth the required effort to learn."
    • Family Engagement: "I assist my child with his/her homework."
    • Academic Achievement: "My child's school has plenty of instructional materials and other supplies for lessons."
    • General School Life: "At my child's school, there is an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect."
    • Student Safety: "My child's school sets clear rules about expected behavior."
    • Health and Wellness: "My child's school provides extra-curricular activities for all students."


    Parent involvement in schools, including providing feedback, helps students earn higher grades, boost test scores, improve social skills, and graduate, according to the 2002 paper titled A New Wave of Evidence, The Impact of School, Family, and Community Connections on Student Achievement, authored by Harvard Graduate School of Education Lecturer, Dr. Karen Mapp.