• CoVid-19 - Parent letter


    Your assignment for the next two weeks is to document your "school" days. Document through pictures and video how the virus is affecting your daily life. 

    Examples may be the "school work" you have to do while you're home, ways you are restricted (no movies, no mall, no grocery store?), ways your family is affected, the daily mundane activities or has nothing changed?

    Document how your family has prepared for this disruption. How have your parents/jobs been affected? How are your siblings affected?

    Each day must be documented in picture or video format. When you return to school, you must have all days accounted for through picture or video. You MUST have at least 3 video recordings from 3 different days.

    These pictures and videos will be used when we return to create a group video documenting this disruption to our lives caused by the CoVid-19.

    Stay safe and see you soon! <3