Advanced Physical Education - Fall 2019

    INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Johnson

    Course Objective:  Students will improve their overall level of fitness by focusing on a combination of strength training and aerobic activity.

    Grading Policy

    Final Grade

    • Term 3 = 40%
    • Term 4 = 40%
    • Final Exam = 20%

    Term Grades

    • Participation Grades = 50%
    • Test Grades = 50%

    Participation Grades (Up to 100 Points Per Week)

    • Monday = 25 Points (20 for Participation and 5 for Dressing Out)
      • Heavy Squat / Light Power Cleans / Lunges / Box Jumps
    • Tuesday = 25 Points (20 for Participation and 5 for Dressing Out)
      • Heavy Bench / Push Press / Skull Crushers / Curls / Abs
    • Wednesday = 10 Points (5 for Participation and 5 for Dressing Out)
      • Aerobic Activity
    • Thursday = 25 Points (10 for Participation and 5 for Dressing Out)
      • Heavy Power Cleans / Light Squats / SLDL / Box Jumps
    • Friday = 15 Points (10 for Participation and 5 for Dressing Out)
      • Light Bench / Incline / Abs / Gym Time

    Test Grades

    • Bench Test (Once Per Term)
    • Squat Test (Once Per Term)
    • Power Clean Test (Once Per Term)

    Class Rules

    1. You will respect yourself and others at all times.
    2. You will obey all rules found in the student handbook.
    3. You will remain in your designated area at all times.
    4. You will have 7 minutes to get dressed out (shorts or sweat pants and a tee shirt) and get in the weight room.
    5. Training Shoes Only (No Boots, Flip Flops, Sandals, Dress Shoes, etc.)
    6. No Profanity
    7. No Electronics
    8. No Tobacco Products

    Office Hours: 8:15 am – 9:15 am.

    Phone: (910) 532-6300 Ext. 38809

    Email:  kevinj@sampson.k12.nc.us




    Instructor:  Mr. Johnson

    Course Objective:  Students will be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of health-related fitness.  They will also understand the importance of making good choices, being active, demonstrating good sportsmanship, working as a team, and working hard to achieve their goals.

    Final Grade

    • Term 1 = 40%
    • Term 2 = 40%
    • Final Exam = 20%

    Grading Policy

    • PE Grades = 50%
    • Health Grades = 50%

    Class Rules

    You should always…

    • respect yourself and others,
    • be in the classroom / locker room when the tardy bell rings,
    • be dressed out and in the gym in 10 minutes or less,
    • wear athletic shoes, athletic shorts / pants, and a tee shirt during your PE time,
    • be in your designated area,
    • and obey all rules found in the student handbook.

    PE Requirements

    • You will be required to dress out daily (athletic shoes, shorts, and a T- shirt).

    Conference Time

    • Daily 8:15 am – 9:15 am

    Contact Information

Mr. Kevin Johnson



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Kevin Johnson

As a teacher here at Union High School, I teach Health and PE and Advanced PE to 9th-12th grade students.  I also serve as the athletic director, the head boys track and field coach, and an assistant football coach.  I am available each day via email, or I can be reached at the extension listed below.

(910)532-6300 ext. 38809


I am a graduate of NC State University, and I earned my teacher certification at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  I am certified to teach Physical Education in grades k-12 and Social Studies in grades 9-12.

Fall 2019 Schedule

First Period:  Planning

Second Period:  Health and PE

Third Period:  Health and PE

Fourth Period:  Advanced PE