Ms. Herring's 8th Grade English Language Arts

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Bachelors in Psychology Bachelors in English Teaching Certification Post-baccalaureate degree in Clinical Counseling

Ms. Herring's 8th Grade English Language Arts

Welcome, my name is Michelle Herring and I am an 8th grade English/Language Arts teacher.  I am so excited, and have an exciting year planned! 

A little about myself: I reside in Dunn NC with my son, Trent. I have taught in Sampson County, Pitt County and Wake County. I graduated from East Carolina University where I double majored with a degree in English and Psychology.  I later went back to get my teaching certification and also obtained a Post-baccalaureate degree in clinical counseling. 




  • Students will be expected to walk into my class each day and write down that day's vocabulary word.  If a student misses class, he or she will be able to access the vocabulary words on by searching MMS 8th grade vocabulary or just click on the link MMS 8th grade Vocabulary . 

    Students will also be responsible for writing in their journals.  This task is almost daily.  If a student misses a day for whatever reason, he or she can find the missed journal here.  Journal checks will be every nine weeks. Click here for the Journals.

    Students will be expected to complete at least six quizzes on Read Theory per nine weeks. Students will be given time in class to complete these six quizzes; however, students can access and complete at home. Students will also be given assignments on commonlit.  For your student's login information, simply email me or you can just ask your child for his or her login information. 


    Note to parents: No journals were assigned the 3rd nine weeks.

    UPDATE as of 3/25:

    There will be a Live Conference through Zoom with your class on Tuesday.  I am planning a live ZOOM conference for individual classes.  The live conference will be held during your regular scheduled class time.  I will be sending out a link for your class next week for Tuesday (you will not have to download anything just click on the link). 

    If you are going to have an issue logging on to the live Zoom conference, please let me know as soon as you can.  This will be a time for you to answer questions and for me to explain my expectations at this time.  Don't worry if you do not have a device with a working camera.  You can still participate through audio.  

    Please email me if you are having troubling logging into your email or if I need to use an alternate email to communicate with you

    Block 3 conference:  Tuesday 9:30click here to be linked to meeting
    Block 1 conference: Tuesday 11:30Click here to be linked to the meeting
    Block 2 conference: Tuesday 2:00Click here to be linked to the meeting
  • Information

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    All work below should be completed by posted dates. Check back after due dates for Commonlit to view grades and your writing assignments to view feedback. Take your time with all of your work. 


    Make sure that you are using Google Chrome to access the programs.  They will not work if you use Internet Explorer.

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  • 1) The COVID-19 Living History Project and Assignment Guidelines (317-3/27)

    Posted by:

    The Covid-19 Living History Journal

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  • 2) Writing Assignment: Cell Phone Use in Schools due March 19th

    Posted by:

    Please continue to edit your paper and make it stronger before you turn in your final draft on Thursday. Use the resources that Project Topeka offers to make your paper stronger. 

    Do not forget: When you finish your paper, go to the bottom of the page and click on proofread.  After you proofread, click on all that is highlighted or underlined.  Fix the issues.  Then use your signal checks that tell you what you need to work on within the paper.  You are limited to the amount of proofreads and signal checks so be cautious.  Write as much as you can before you use them. 

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  • 3) The Diary of Anne Frank with questions (week of 3/17-3/23)

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    Finish reading Act 2 of The Diary of Anne Frank, and answer all questions before and after the readings. Questions are on page 566-567.  The answers should be written in your reading portion of your ELA reading portion of your notebook.  These questions will serve as a study guide for your open book test. 

    Act II Audio (not to replace the actual reading of the text)

    Open book Test for Acts 1 and 2. Click on the "Test" link first. If that link does not work, go directly to and put in code or go to and enter this code 070275

    Must access through Google Chrome. 

    Please put your first and your last name when taking the test. If you did not, go back and retake the test. 
    Please take the OPEN BOOK test for the Diary of Anne Frank by March 23rd 
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  • 4) Reading Comprehension (3/24-3/27)

    Posted by:

    Who was Anne Frank? 3/24

    Woman who helped Anne Frank Dies at 100 3/24

    Seven Decades on, Anne Franks's Words still Comfort 3/25

     Make sure all commonlit assignments are finished by 3/27

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  • 5) Writing Assignment: Screen Time due March 30th

    Posted by:

    Introduction: Screen Time Prompt with instructions and sources  (Click here)   Herring1! or just click Topeka Project Writing

    As technology has become more common in our daily lives, humans are interacting with computer screens at a higher rate than ever before. Portable devices like laptops, tablets, handheld gaming systems, and especially smartphones have remarkably increased the amount of time teenagers are staring at computer screens. As a result, the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended a limit of two hours of screen time per day for teenagers.

    After examining the potential benefits and risks of screen time in the sources provided, write an essay arguing whether or not the AAP should keep the recommended two-hour limit of daily screen time for teenagers or eliminate it. Defend your position using clear reasons and relevant evidence from the sources provided, and be sure to acknowledge and address counterclaims to your position.

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