• Wildcat Athletics

    We are first and foremost committed as educators to make sure all students and players graduate. The education of each student is very important and helping prepare them for life after school as well. Our students are encouraged and supported to be active in a sport or physical activity. But they must continue to work hard and achieve their full potential in academics.  Some overall improvements seen in statistics and studies on sports and physical activity are listed below. This information comes from Elkin Tribune, by Arwyn Shoemaker and Huffpost, by Wendy Libby.

    • Physical activity has an impact on cognitive skills, attitudes and academic behavior. All are important components of improved academic performance.
    • Physical activity affects executive functions such as response, thinking and decisions due to increased oxygen flow to the brain
    • Helps you to relax, reduce anxiety, worry less and balance school along with everything else in life
    • Tend to have increased self- confidence which benefits on the field and in the classroom
    • Mentally fit and more confident about themselves
    • Leads to overall boost of self –esteem, speaking and interacting with peers, teachers and adults
    • Teaches valuable lessons about being successful in life and ultimately how to become a team player and citizen in a world outside of the four walls of high school
    • Lessons learned through being student athletes develops habits that will strengthen them in adulthood
    • Remember a player wins in the end even when they lose the game