• Supply packs will be ordered for next school year - Price TBD.  Please scroll all the way down for list and information.

    UMS is an AVID school.  As such we use a one binder system school wide.  For the majority of classes, the items listed here should be enough.  Occasionally teachers will request one or two additional items.

    Through a generous gift from Goodwill Foundation, each student will receive a bag with a pack of looseleaf paper, about 6 regular pencils, a couple of pens, a pair of scissors, an eraser, and earbuds.  Although some things will still have to be purchased to fully outfit the student, this is a good foundation and we thank  Goodwill for thinking of UMS!! 

     One 3 inch binder

    Loose leaf paper – at least 2 to 3 packs

    Dividers – 8 pack works the best

    Pens – your choice – some teachers will not allow the use of pens or specific colors of pens

    Pencils – your choice, mechanical vs. sharpenable (although some teachers prefer one over the other)

    Highlighters (2)

    Headphones or earbuds – we use computer programs that allow students to listen to instructions

    Each student must also have a face mask and a reusable water bottle that will be filled at school

     Suggestions to help out the classrooms

    Boxes of tissues – they are not supplied to the school

    Bandaids – a small box can really be important in a pinch

    Kits are available for purchase at open house items included and price to be determined.