• Sports physicals will be available for all students wishing to particiapte in sports at UMS 2019-2020 on Tuesday, August 27th.  Be sure to pick up a form and make sure that you have exact change.  It will cost $10 and all parent sections need to be filled out and the signature completed BEFORE the physical takes place.

    6th graders are eligible to play all sports this year except for football.


    Middle school students have eligibility requirements to play sports.  These requirements can be found on page 16 of the 2019-2020 student handbook under  A - Athletics 2 - Middle school eligibility requirements half way down the page.  They are as follows:

    Student must have:

    1. Satisfactory conduct - behavior matters

    2. Math and Language Arts must be passed in addition to one less than the number of core classes the semester before.

    3. Be present at school the day of the game in order to play (emergency situations can be justified by the principal).

    4. Have the signed consent of his or her parents on file.

    5. Have a current physical completed by a doctor stating he or she is in good physical health.

    6. Have insurance.

    7. Meet local promotion standards in order to be eligilbe to represent a school.

    All athletes and participants must be listed on the official eligibility list and must use county transportation to go to and from athletic events unless they are released to the parent or guardian with a signed release.


    Additionally, the state of North Carolina requires that students must have been in attendance at school for at least 85% of the previous semester.