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  •  Welcome to the Curriculum and Instruction home page for our four Comprehensive High Schools and one Early College High School.  Our team is committed, dedicated and provides an array of educational opportunities for the secondary education students.  Secondary education offers a curriculum that meets the individual needs of students whether they plan to enter the workforce, enlist in the military, or continue their education at a higher education institution (See the online High School Course Selection Guide).

    Our instructional leadership team strives to "know every student" through a Comprehensive Analytical Data Directed Approach (CADDA) Model.  This model looks at every student's formative, midterm and end-of-year assessment data, which is a collaboration review with:

                •Support Personnel
                •Instructional Coaches
                •Curriculum Director        

    The comprehensive model includes both a quantitative and qualitative process that analyzes 1. Grades 2. EVAAS Predictions 3. Attendance 4. Benchmark data 5. Suspensions.  Additionally, this model also gives us the opportunity to better focus on each student's educational plan for success.  Based on objectives not mastered, the teacher determines strategies and prescribes student interventions centered on both academic and social needs.  The interventions are monitored by principals, instructional coaches and curriculum directors for implementations.  It's our goal that every student grows and show success!




  • Jennifer Daughtry
    Director of Secondary Education

     910-592-1401 ext. 20130


    BS Degree in Business Administration-Fayetteville State University

    Business Education Certification- Fayetteville State University

    Career Development/Special Population Certification- Campbell University

    Master's of School Administration- Campbell University


  • Darcilla Owens

    Darcilla Owens

    Program Assistant
    910-592-1401 Ext. 20142  


    Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education