Department Overview

  •  Welcome to the Middle School Years!


    The mission of our middle schools is to create intrinsically motivated and global competitive 21st Century students.  We are committed to academic excellence. We will aim high and approach the curriculum in a way that fosters the development of each student’s academic, social and emotional skills.  Our goal is total student engagement. Instruction should mirror rigor and relevance in each classroom. Middle school students engage in mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, healthful living and career decisions.  Each middle school offers an array of elective courses to peak the interest of our students.

    The middle school concept features a division of the student population into small interdisciplinary learning communities known as “teams.” The creation of teams help foster the nurturing environment for students’ success on their path of early adolescence.

    Parents are a vital part of our middle school culture. We invite you to join our community as we work together to best serve our students. Your contributions are invaluable to our schools. Thank you for choosing Sampson County Schools to mold and inspire our leaders of today.



    Nicole Peterson
    Director of Pre-K through 8
    910-592-1401 Ext. 20131




    Darcilla Owens
    Administrative Assistant
    910-592-1401 Ext. 20142