Robert Smith

Phone: (910)592-4547


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Secondary and Middle Social Studies- Point Park University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Robert Smith

I have been teaching at Union Middle since 1997.  I have a bachelor's degree from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I am certified to teach social studies from  6-12 grade.  Currently I am the AVID 6-8 elective teacher.  My entire family is heavily involved in Sampson County Schools.  My Wife is an assistant principal at the Sampson County Early College.. I have two daughters, the youngest of which who attends school in the Union district.  The best way for you to reach me is by email-  Thanks for all your support!


COVID 19 AVID Update: 

I will continue to leave this page of instructions up on my home screen so AVID  students can continue to work on their ongoing  AVID Career and College explorations unit.  ALL NEW TASKS WILL HAVE A TAB ON THE LEFT OF THIS SCREEN THAT WILL TAKE YOU DIRECTLY TO OUR CURRENT REMOTE LEARNING TASKS.


AVID Career and College Assignments (Scroll down to see 8/7/6 Grade)


8th Grade AVID-  We had written in our planners that we're are kicking off our AVID Day research quest.  Luckily, this is still something that you would more than likely have worked on quite a bit from home.  Over the next ten days you will be required to:

1.  Brainstorm your top five career choices. 

2.  Narrow your Career down to your top choice that you would like to research.

3.  Research as much as you can about the career.  Please keep your research in C-Note format.  The research must include: 

A.  Name of the Career.

B.  A clear description of what this career does.

C. Five Interesting facts about this career. 

D.  3 in State (North Carolina) Colleges and Universities that offer this career as a major.

E.  10 College/University courses you must take to receive this major.

F.  3 real places that would hire you to perform this career.

G.  Salary range for this career.

H.  Research what people have to say about the rewarding aspects of working in this career.

I.  How much college is needed to perform this career.  For example, a family doctor may need 8 years of college, while a a teacher may only need 4 years of college.

J. How easily are people to get a job in this career field?  For example, we need nurses by other careers may not be hiring. 

4.  You are also encouraged by AVID to add anything else to your C-Notes that may make your presentation more interesting. 

5.  The next step is (if you are able), email me  your career choice, and start to create your AVID Trifold board.  We will set an AVID Day date for you to present your research at a later date. 


Alternative 8th grade assignment for those who do not have access to a phone or device-  AVID has asked us to use the skills that you have acquired from our AVID argumentive essay unit that we've just completed to create a well written argumentive essay. Here's the prompt:  Imagine that your best friend approaches you and suggests that they do not want to go to college.  You're assigned to use all of your argumentive essay skills to convince this friend of why they need to attend college.   Please use all of the resources that you have acquired in AVID over the last three years to help compile a well thought out and solid argument.  Begin with an introductory paragraph that has a solid thesis statement.  Make sure the body has well thought out evidences (separated by paragraphs).  Assure that you are addressing counter-claims whenever possible.  Re-state your position in the conclusion.  It is imperative that you allow someone to re-read your argument for clarity and mistakes before you re-write a final copy to be graded by me upon return. 


7th Grade AVID- 

Before we left on Thursday March 12, each seventh grade AVID student in attendance received a 3 column college comparison sheet hand out and generated a list of 40+ colleges and universities from across North Carolina.  7th Graders with access to a phone or a device will be required to research two colleges/universities from our list.  They will choose their favorite two, one from #1-#20 on our list, and one from #21-#40 on our list.  If you've misplaced your list, choose one of the more popular universities, and one of the colleges/universities that you may not be as familiar with.  Compile this information side by side on two columns of the list you were given.  If you are in a position to email me, please let me know which university you've selected.  If you are able, once you have emailed me, you may begin to compile your AVID Day trifold board that is mentioned in your planner.  We will set an AVID Day date once we return.

Alternative assignment for 7th Grade AVID without access to a phone or device- AVID has recommended that we may maintain focus on our previous narrative writing unit.  You will be required to keep a journal for the next few days.  Describe what you are doing, experiencing, and observing while we are out of school.  Do not lose the journal as it will be required to be turned in with the final product.  Your final product will be a well written narrative essay that highlights your daily experiences from the point of view of someone other than yourself.  It could be from another person's point of view, or an inanimate object.  Be sure to have an introduction that captures the audiences attention and makes them want to read more.  Be sure that different ideas are separated by paragraphs.  Make sure that it has a conclusion that summarizes the feel of your paper.  Remember that it is imperative that you have someone reread your paper for clarity, punctuation, and grammar before you re-write your final copy.  the final copy will be submitted to me upon your return. 


6th Grade AVID

AVID recommends that those with access to a phone or device start to consider which career field they may want to investigate.  This activity is not to focus on a specific job (such as a math teacher) but to focus on a career cluster such as education.  Please note the following Career Clusters:

Agriculture, Food, Natural Resources

Architecture & Construction

Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

Education & Training


Government &b Public Administration.

Health Science

Hospitality and Tourism

Human Services

Information Technology

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security



Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics. 


1. Get a sheet of C-Note paper ready.  The topic is "Career Clusters" and the Essential Question is:  "How can I explain the difference between career clusters and careers"?

2.  Record all of your work on your C-Note paper.

3.  Create a list of your top five career choices (Your top five job choices).

4.  Investigate at least three career clusters each day.  Keep notes about each in career cluster firmly your C-Notes. (There are 15+).

5.  Narrow down your top #1 choice of a career cluster.

6.  After you have narrowed down your top choice of a career cluster, answer the following questions about it on your C-Notes:

A.  What is your top career cluster and a description of your top career cluster?

B.  What jobs/pathways are available for this career cluster?

C.  What are some interesting skills you need to have for this cluster.

D.  What classes should I take when I get to high school to prepare for this career cluster?

E. What are some interesting facts about some of the jobs in this cluster?

F.  Which jobs in this cluster have the best chances at securing employment (easy to find a job).

7.  As you are compiling this information in your C-Notes, feel free to email me any questions that you may have.  I will collect and we will use this data to complement our AVID Day activities.  We will set up for an AVID Day once we return.


Alternative 6th Grade assignments for students who do not have access to a phone or device-  AVID recommends that we reinforce our descriptive writing skills unit that we'd just finished by allowing ample time for you to develop a well written response to a prompt.  You are asked to "Describe to a rising 5th grader what it is like to be in AVID.  Describe some of your favorite activities, the expectations of an AVID student, C-Note checks, planner checks, and tutorials.  Please be sure to separate these ideas with paragraphs, and fully explain each concept so that they are well elaborated and clear.  Make sure that your conclusion effectively summarizes your message and thoughts.  Allow someone to proofread your paper for clarity, grammar, and punctuation before re-writing your final copy.  Your final copy will be turned into me when we return.