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    Due dates are listed so you can pace yourselves. I will be checking your lesson completion daily!

    Be sure to log your practice and show all your work. I will collect these when we all meet back together.

    Stay safe, keep yourselves busy, Continue Practicing Social Distancing and WASH YOUR HANDS.


    Please check email and go into Microsoft Teams through your email daily.

    Contact me through Teams Chat!

    There are multiple ways to stay in contact with me;

    Call: UMS location 910-592-4547 Ext 37042, Remote please use this Google #  (910) 644-0244,

    Email \: nhood@sampson.k12.nc.us,

    Teams Chat: go in through your email you are already invited in your class,

    or by REMIND (discrete messaging service).

    Parents you maycall or contact me through REMIND by Texting

    To:  81010           

    (Math) Message:  @ 1b3bmath

    (4th block Science) Message:  @ 4sci55

About Teacher App

Mrs. Nancie Betts Hood

Phone: UMS location 910-592-4547 Ext 37042, Remote please use this Google # (910) 644-0244


Degrees and Certifications:

Associates In Arts Bachelor's Degree in Science (Animal Science) Bachelor's Degree in Science (Biological Science) Minor: Genetics

Mrs. Nancie Betts Hood

Welcome to 7th grade Math & Science!

I am Mrs. Hood and I am very excited to be your child’s teacher for the upcoming school year.

This is my fith year teaching at Union Middle School and I am beyond excited to get to work with your amazing child this year. We have a lot to complete in 7th grade in preparation for 8th grade but we can also have a lot of fun.

 I received my Associates from Sampson Community College where I later transferred to North Carolina State University and obtained two Bachelors of Science in Biological Science and Animal Science with a minor in Genetics. I am married with 3 children; Lillie, Eli and Evan.

I am looking forward to nurturing a love of learning, growth in becoming even kinder more respectful young men and women as well as help them to see themselves as true leaders that each has a limitless amount of potential inside of them.

I believe in a classroom atmosphere built around trust, kindness and respect. Students will be expected to respect themselves, one another and of course their teachers. I will also model kind actions, behaviors and words to be used within our classroom family. I do not ever want a student to feel as though our classroom is not a safe place for him or her to ask a question, share a thought or concern or explore additional ways of learning. I know my behavior expectations are high but they are very attainable for all students.

Your child is starting middle school and part of my goal is to help them not only academically but also organizationally. This will be assisted through AVID.  Avid is school-wide at Union Middle School and assist in this organization process.

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is designed to help students prepare for and succeed in high school and college. Students in the program commit themselves to improvement and preparation for college. AVID offers a rigorous program of instruction in academic “survival skills” and college level entry skills. The AVID program teaches students how to study, read for content, take notes, organize, and manage time. Students participate in collaborative study groups, or tutorials, led byclassmates or tutors who use skillful questioning to bring students to a higher level of understanding. AVID is a state elective class which meets during the regular school day. http://www.alvinisd.net/Page/6192

 Cornell Notes are a proven focused note-taking method. When used appropriately, students are guaranteed to increase their knowledge and raise their grades in any given class! Cornell Notes are taken during class lectures, class power points, class readings, or movies in which students are responsible for the information. We will discuss this more in class.