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  • Mr. Ellis Pandemic Hotline

    I will send you a text message about 8th grade science content. Students from Mrs. Hodges' class can join any of the following classes but make sure you just join one. 
    Here are the instructions for signing up:

    For Science 1A (Hydrogen), text @hydro19 to 81010

    For Science 2B, (Helium) text @helium19 to 81010

    For Science 3A, (Lithium) text @lithium19 to 81010

    For Science 4B, (Beryllium) text @bery19 to 81010

    For Science 5A, (Boron) text @boron19 to 81010

    For Science 6B, (Carbon) text @carbon19 to 81010


    8TH GRADE SCIENCE - MR. ELLIS  2019-2020

    Welcome to my class! 

     Science and Social Studies are on the AB schedule meaning that you will go to them every other day. That means that you will have science every other day (2 to 3 times a week).

     Important Note: 8th grade science contains an End of Grade Test, and yes, it counts just as much as your Math and Reading EOG’s!


    I respect each and every student, and I expect the same in return. Students, this year you will grow in several aspects. It is important that you understand the fact that concepts we will be learning this year are foundations that will prepare you for the entirety of your education as well as the science EOG. In addition to science, you will learn concepts that will effectively help you to study, work independently and with others efficiently, and be ORGANIZED!

     Class Materials/Supplies:

    • One 3 Subject or 5 subject composition book with folder pockets (college ruled)
    • pencils/pens (your preference)


    Grading Weights


    • Homework = 10%
    • Classwork = 25%
    • Quizzes = 25%
    • Test = 40%