Degrees and Certifications:

Appalachian State University University of Mt. Olive

Family and Consumer Sciences

Hello and welcome!  I am Susan Mills, one of two Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers at Midway High School.  I teach Foods 1, Child Development, Principles of Family and Human Services (formerly known as Teen Living), Interior Design Fundamentals, and Interior Design Studios.  I am also the SGA Advisor for Midway.

I became a teacher to hopefully make a difference in the life of at least one of my students.  I strive to help each one of my students find their passion in life and to achieve their goals. One of the quotes I use in my class regularly is "Never let anyone dull your shine!"  To me, this means doing your best, and do not let anyone stand in your way of success!  Everyone can succeed if they try their hardest.  

I love teaching and I love the students I am blessed to be able to teach and interact with.  I want my students to feel comfortable and at ease when they walk in my class, but above anything else, I want them to know I care.  I expect students to follow MHS rules as well as my classroom rules, to come to class prepared and to remember that RESPECT is a two-way street!  

If you need to reach me, email me at  You will need to join Remind and I encourage parents and guardians to join as well.  This is how you will receive important information and stay up to date with things going on, not only in class but in school as well!  To join Remind for   

We will be using Google Classroom for all classes this year.  Most of your work will be done face to face, so it will be important for you to be in class each day and ready to learn! I will use Google for those absent, and for some remediation and re-teaching lessons.  You are expected to do your work when absent!

I will  supply each student with a composition book for note taking, loose leaf paper, glue stick, color pencils, crayons, ink pen, pencils, highlighter, basically everything you will need for all of my classes.  I do this to help my students and their families out.  

On a personal note, I am so excited to see you ALL!   Life throws us curves, and how we react to those curves can make us stronger or destroy us.  I cannot wait to have a classroom full of students eager to learn and ready to make new friends.


Mrs. Mills