• What's in the Blue Buck Store?

    *Sorry, everyone! We are out of rainbow sprinkles and chocolate chunk pretzels!*



    two-for-one blue buck items: wooden pencils and pencil-top erasers (each)

    one blue buck items: ruler, eraser, 5 sheets of graph paper, bookmark, manilla folder, small pencil sharpener (each)

    store items worth one blue buck

    two blue buck items: pen, glue stick, pocket folder, large pencil sharpener, rubber wristband, sheet of stickers (each)

    store items worth two blue bucks             stickers


    three blue buck items: sticky notes, poster board, and pencil lead (each)

    items worth 3 blue bucks

    Jacks games: 3 blue bucks (each, limited quantities)


    four blue buck items: mechanical pencil (each)

    items worth four blue bucks       

    five blue buck items: 24-count box of crayons, highlighter, sharpie, small calculator, package of 3x5 index cards, scotch tape, pack of colored pencils, 1-subject notebook, pack of notebook paper, composition book, binder tab dividers, sky rocket, ear buds, spy pen (5 each)

    items worth five blue bucks    sky rocket     ear buds      spy pen

    eight blue buck items: white out tape (each)

    white-out tape


    ten blue buck items: watercolors (each) 








    15 Blue bucks: peg games (there's a variety on display in the library)

    peg game     peg game



    20 blue buck items: books (each)

     book   book    book         book    book   book   



    20 Blue Bucks: shirts

    (5) short sleeve grey -adult small





    750 blue bucks:  Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo Switch



    Pretzel Rods! Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods--4 flavors (make sure you specify which flavor you want in the request form)  These are 5 Blue Bucks each or 3 pretzels for 12 Blue Bucks. There is a 3-pretzel limit each time you order.

    pretzel   peanut butter candy crunch

    pretzel   crunchy toffee