• What's in the Blue Buck Store?


    we have a number of new items in the store....check them out in-person in the library


    two-for-one blue buck items: wooden pencils and pencil-top erasers (each)

    one blue buck items: ruler, eraser, 5 sheets of graph paper, bookmark, manilla folder, small pencil sharpener (each)

       new bookmarkers!     1 blue buck each



    two blue buck items: pen, glue stick, pocket folder, large pencil sharpener, rubber wristband (each)


     three blue buck items: sticky notes, poster board, and pencil lead (each)  



    five blue buck items: 24-count box of crayons, highlighter, sharpie, small calculator, package of 3x5 index cards, scotch tape, pack of colored pencils, 1-subject notebook, pack of notebook paper, composition book, binder tab dividers, earbuds, mechanical pencils    (5 each)       


    ten blue buck items: watercolors (each) 




    Snacks *we are out of snacks and water


    200 blue bucks:  ring light

    ring light






     tiny toys--8 blue bucks each

    tiny toy   tiny toy   



    small toys and socks--10 blue bucks each

       small toy   small toy   socks