MMS PBIS Disciplinary Process

    Students should be tracked in their agendas when they demonstrate any of the following behaviors:

    R1=being responsible     R2=being respectful        R3=being ready

    C=chewing gum             T=talking                       NP=not prepared

    DB=disruptive behavior  NH=no homework           D=disrespectful

    OT=off task


    3 codes in one class period or 7 codes in one week=a CDR (classroom discipline referral)

    4 CDR’s in a marking period (nine weeks) = one office referral = ISS (in school suspension)


    6 CDR's in two consecutive marking periods* = one office referral = ISS

    *two consecutive marking periods means the first and second nine-week periods, the second and third nine-week periods, and the third and fourth nine-week periods

    ISS is assigned as 1-day, 3-days, and 5-days, as steps

    Then students are assigned to OSS in steps for 1 day, 3 days, 5 days, 10 days

    *Any student caught with a cell phone during the instructional part of the school day is automatically assigned 1 day of ISS no matter how many steps have already been assigned to that student for other infractions.