• North Carolina Digital Learning & Media Inventory (NC DLMI)


    What is the NC Digital Learning & Media Inventory?

    The NC Digital Learning & Media Inventory (NC DLMI) collects data for state and national reporting, to inform state and local budgets, and to assist in planning state and local digital learning efforts. Inventory questions are streamlined and aligned to the North Carolina Digital Learning Progress Rubric.

    This inventory is a critical component of moving the NC Digital Learning Plan forward and provides access to data and customizable reports for LEAs, individual schools, and charter schools. The NC DLMI provides a valuable data source that complements the Digital Learning Progress Rubric, providing you with a comprehensive view of your digital teaching and learning programs.

    The information collected in the NC DLMI is based on the school and district level digital learning and media resources. The data collected provides the legislature and the public with a yearly snapshot of the state of digital learning and media programs in North Carolina's schools.



    How do I access the NC Digital Learning & Media Inventory?

    This year, you do not need to have NCID credentials to access the DLMI. Instead, you will access via your NCEdCloud UID account. There is not an icon in the NCEdCloud Applications Dashboard.

    To access, first sign in with your NCEdCloud:, then open up another tab and go to It should log you in automatically.

    When you first log in, you will need to register.

    1. Select the appropriate user role & fill in your information
      *School Principal - Principals
      *School Administrator - The school level user responsible for the NCDLMI data (Media Coordinator)

    2. Click subscribe to application. (Once submitted, the approval may take up to 24 hours)

    3. You should receive an email with confirmation once your subscription has been approved.