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    Sampson County Schools is rostering (syncing) Remind with our student information system (SIS).  That means that you do not need to create an account and classes; just check your school email address for instructions on how to log in and claim your account.

    *TIP* Two accounts aren't better than one - If you've used Remind in the past and think you might have multiple accounts, make sure to merge them so everything lives in the same place.

    Getting Started with Remind Quick Guide Overview

    Claim Your Rostered Account (pulled from Quick Guide Overview)

    Claim a Rostered Class (pulled from Quick Guide Overview)
    Revised July 8, 2021

  • Back to School Reminder for Teachers 

    This resource gives great information about your account that has been created for you and how to merge any personal/previous account with your district account without losing any information!  Learn how to use Remind, set up account preferences, set up your class settings and tools, as well as setting proper class expectations and culture.

    Remind Parent Letter


    End of Year - Prepare your Account for Summer

    • Cleaning up Remind: This resource provides information on how to download message history, update student list and archiving classes.


    • Claim Classes: For any rostered classes that were not claimed this year, you can have your teachers claim the classes and immediately archive them to close out the school year. Note: Classes should be claimed by teachers or they remain inactive.