Monday, June 27, 2016

Hobbton High School Counselor

Stephanie Goethie  


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
Henry David Thoreau


  Mission Statement

Hobbton High School Counseling Department is committed to ensuring all students are globally competitive citizens for the 21st century through collaboration with the home and community to provide a total quality education to optimize student performance by addressing all students' academic, personal/ social and career needs.


Vision Statement

The vision of Hobbton High School Counseling Department is to advocate to ensure all students are successful by collaborating, consulting and teaming with parents, community members and other educators to support student achievement. The counseling program will assist students in becoming college and/or career ready upon graduation and motivate students to become responsible and productive citizens.


Belief Statements

The counselor at Hobbton High School believe:

  • All students are able to learn when given the proper resources and support.
  • All student should have access to a qualified full time counselor to deliver the counseling program.
  • All student are considered when planning and implementing activities regardless of race, class, gender and disability.
  • All student should have equitable access to the school counseling program.

The school counseling program should:

  • Be student centered: students are our primary clients
  • Enhance student learning through effective program management
  • Collaborate with community support, parents, and other educators to ensure all student needs are being properly met.
  • Use data to make decisions about program implementation.
  • Be proactive when addressing the needs of students and parents.
  • Implement technology and actively engage students.

All counselors at Hobbton High School:

  • Will partake in professional development activities to promote student achievement and stay abreast to the counseling profession.
  • Be present and available to all student when possible
  • Able to create a positive school environment which promotes diversity and student learning.
  • Abide by the ethical guideline and standards developed by the American School Counselor Association.
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with community support leaders, parents, students and other educators to utilize best practices to increase student achievement.

Contact Information:

Stephanie Goethie

12201 Hobbton Hwy.

Newton Grove, NC 28366

Phone: (910) 594- 0242 ext. 24806

Fax: (910) 594- 1115