Sunday, February 7, 2016

 Union High School's 85th Army JROTC

Spartan Battalion

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"Training Cadets  to become Leaders in their Community"

The Army JROTC mission is: "To Motivate Young People To Be Better Citizens". The course carries a full elective credit. The JROTC curriculum includes: Character and Leadership Development, Foundations of Success, Leadership Theory and Application, Citizenship and American History, Wellness, Fitness and First Aid, Geography and Earth Science, Financial Management, And Service Learning. THERE IS NO MILITARY REQUIREMENT FOLLOWING THE COMPLETION OF ARMY JROTC, cadets who complete three semesters of the JROTC Program may enter the military at an advanced rank.

The Mighty 85th JROTC Battalion of Union High School marched in the Warsaw Veterans Day Parade on 8 Nov 2014. The Warsaw Veterans Parade is one the oldest parades in the United States that honors all past and present Veterans.  Great job to all the cadets who came out and participated.  

The UHS JROTC Department will be offering the 1st and 2nd Semester Cadets the oppurtunity to purchase SS T-Shirts $11, LS T-Shirts $15, Crew Neck Sweatshirt $17, and Hooded Sweatshirt $21. The design above is what the Cadets have decided to go with. If interested please contact MSG Austin, our goal is to get all interested Cadets in a JROTC Shirt of their choice.