Friday, June 24, 2016

"Home of the Raiders"

Midway High School "Where Excellence is Our Tradition". .

Midway High School Graduation Live Streaming
he graduation can be watched live on June 9th by clicking on the link above at the appointed time. 

Adjust volume as needed (some segments are louder than others because of equipment issues) Enjoy! 

All District Band Students






Principal: Monty Strickland

Asst Principal: Robbin Cooper

Asst Principal: Jeff Wilson 







Dress Code Key Points: All pants,
shorts, etc. must be worn at
the waist with no holes or
 frayed spots on them.
Shorts, skirts, dresses must be
worn at the knee. 


 "Our Mission"

Midway High School seeks to create a diversified and supportive learning environment that encourages every Raider to graduate and become career and college ready citizens. 

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