Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Parents + Teachers = Student Success


 Please visit your child's school and classroom websites for more 

information and resources for a successful year!

                               Setting School Year Goals for Kids

The teacher will have goals for students, but what does your child want to achieve?  Here are 3 ways to help your child set goals.

1. Be specific and realistic. Set short and long term goals for your child.

2. Adjust your mindset.  Allow your child to set his/her personal goals.

3. Embrace today. Focus on the here-and-now expectations

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4S Supportive Services Parent Information

Dear Sampson County Schools Families,

We value our military families and their daily sacrifices that insure our freedom. If you or a close relative are a member of our armed services and are in need of counseling or other support, please contact the counselor at your child’s school. You may also contact Child, Youth, and School Services at Fort Bragg by calling 910-396-8110. This message is also available on the Parent Links tab on our website at www.Sampson.k12.nc.us.

Bullying at School and Online