Friday, July 1, 2016

updated 7/13/15

1 backpack-regular size  (No wheels or miniature
bags please; a folder must fit without being bent)
2 large box of Kleenex
2 primary writing tablets

2 bottles of liquid hand sanitizer
2 containers baby wipes
1 pack of dry erase markers (black or blue)
1 pencil pouch/bag
1 pack of index cards
Pencil top erasers
1 Clipboard

1 pack of yellow pencils (no decorations
 or mechanical)
Primary Composition Book (black/white with top
 half of page blank and bottom half with lines)
1 box of gallon Ziploc bags
1 pk uncoated white paper plates (no styrofoam)
1 box of quart size Ziploc bags
1 pk of 6 inch uncoated paper plates

1st Grade
1 pair Safety Scissors
1 Clipboard
1 Pencil Pouch
1 box Crayons
10 glue sticks
1 Backpack (No Wheels)
1 pack baby wipes
1 box Kleenex
1 pack pencils

1 pack pencil top erasers
Dry Erase Markers (no Crayola brand)
4 tennis balls
Gallon-Sized Ziploc Bags
1 pack of colored index cards
Snack OR Quart sized Ziploc bags
1 pack of white index cards

2nd Grade
1 book bag (no rollers)
1 zipper POUCH for supplies
3 packs of 10 #2 yellow wooden pencils
1– 1 subject notebook
1 solid colored pocket folder (NO PRONGS)

4 packs of pencil top erasers
6-10 glue sticks
1 pack dry erase markers

1 pack of loose leaf paper - wide rule

1  box of tissues
1 bottlesof Germ-X

1 box of crayons (no larger than 24 count)
1 box of baby wipes
4 Tennis Balls (please cut an X on each ball)
Boys:Quart size Ziploc bags
Girls:Gallon size Ziploc bags

3rd Grade 
3– 3 subject wide ruled composition notebooks
2 packs of No. 2 pencils 
2 packs of pencil top erasers
1 pack of sanitizing wipes
1 box of crayons
1 pack of dry erase markers

1 large pencil/crayon zipper POUCH 
2 glue sticks
1 box of tissues
1 pack of Colored Copy Paper
1 pack of wide-ruled loose leaf notebook paper
2 pocket folders (no prongs, no plastic)

4th Grade
2 packs #2 wooden pencils
1 pack of wide-ruled notebook paper

1 pack colored copy paper 
2 – 5 subject spiral notebooks

2 - 1 subject sprial notebooks
2 pocket folders (no prongs)
1 box of crayons 24 count

2 glue sticks
2 red pens
Soft pencil pouch (no boxes please)
1 box Kleenex 
4 tennis balls with 1 inch slit
Dictionary to keep at home 

5th Grade
3 - 5 subject spiral notebooks
1 pack #2 yellow wooden pencils & erasers
1 pack notebook paper
1 box of colored pencils
2 marble notebooks
1 container of Clorox wipes
4 tennis balls with 1 inch slit cut

2 pocket folders
2 large boxes of Kleenex
1 student dictionary (to be kept/used at home)
Pencil pouch with zipper (no boxes)

** Individual teachers may require additional supplies.  This list will be available at Open House.